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3 ways to optimize your team from a communications business coach

Updated: Jan 11

What is the key to getting the best work from your communications team? Simplify.

Here are 3 tried and true methods from an experienced communications business coach to help you simplify your organization and have more consistent success.

1. Clarify processes. For processes to actually work, they first have to be defined. If you don't already have transparent procedures for project ownership, reviews and approval, content development, launch plans, customer case studies, news prioritization, and spokesperson tiering, then you need to put them in place. Don't worry about inventing something new. There are plenty of industry-standard processes you can find and adopt.

The key here is putting them in place and then adhering to them. The end result will be magic. Your communications team will stop wasting time on chasing coworkers for information and will instead spend their time on helping your business stand out from the competition.

2. Clarify roles. The roles I am referring to are what an internal comms team does, and what an external agency team does. Clear lines of empowerment and accountability are critical for ongoing success. One simple way to clarify these roles is to split them between reactive and proactive. Generally, PR agencies are assigned the active part, focused on pitching reporters and bloggers, writing media content, creating news angles, and identifying story opportunities.

The internal communications team focuses on reactive activities, such as providing story guidance, appropriate company data, preparing spokespeople, and managing the agency. This all sounds so matter of fact, but in reality, most companies don't think about how to maximize their two communication teams. According to this business communications coach, the consequence is a lot of misunderstanding about who is responsible for what. Clarify those roles, and you'll start to see real progress in getting your company and products known to audiences who matter most – your customers, influencers, partners, investors.

3. Have a plan. As a business communications coach, I work with a surprising number of companies who spend quite a bit of money on communications with no plan, and no idea of their desired outcome. They are responding to the mood of the market, and not making any progress on their desire to stand out. If you don't have a plan that is designed to bring about a specific outcome, then you are wasting money and wasting time.

Plans don't have to be complicated to be successful. But plans do need to be based on a goal. Do you want to win awards? Have a plan. Do you want to increase awareness? Have a plan. Do you want to improve your standing in an industry report? Have a plan. Plans are the roadmap to what you want to achieve, and with a strategy, you can also align the proper budget spend to activity, with a measurable return on investment.

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