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The Final Question - What is Your Credo?

Updated: Feb 9

I believe that every person has purpose and value, and when they discover both, nothing is impossible; the world will never be the same. - TRACY BENELLI

I love the word "CREDO." It's an ancient word derived from the word "creed" used by many systems of belief, organizations, communities, companies, and individuals to establish the boundaries within which they will conduct themselves.

“I believe, and so I do.”

But CREDO also has another dimension. It is not just a belief but also knowledge. It is a subtle movement from concept to experience, a shift from “I’ve heard this from a reliable source, and it makes sense" to "I've experienced this, and I am certain of its truth."

What is Your Credo?

Your credo is your true north. It is your internal compass that guides your intentions. Knowing what your foundational principles give you the ability to create wondrous transformations in your life, your business, and in the lives of those around you. When you know with certainty what inspires your efforts, you'll also discover that there's complete alignment with the actualization of WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU DO, WHY YOU MATTER, WHERE YOU'RE GOING, and WHAT DIFFERENCE YOU MAKE.

When answering "What is Your Credo," it's important to note that it can be long or short but, whatever its length and however you want to format it (make it into a poem, an essay, a mission or vision statement), it must be heartfelt and be true to you.

It should clearly and unambiguously describe:

  • I Am

  • I Believe

  • I Intend

Looking back on your workbook and journal entries, do you see the patterns that illustrate how you're already a difference maker? Do you have clarity about those guiding beliefs that either have been or will be, your driving principles? Can you see how having a credo will provide you with a roadmap for establishing an authentic reputation as a difference maker?

Make your statement now of your guiding principles – the heart of your reputation.

I AM -

“We become what we repeatedly do.” – Stephen Covey


“We are what we believe we are.” – C.S. LEWIS


“Our intention creates our reality.” – WAYNE DYER

Use your credo to propel you forward to achieve the successes I know you are capable of.

Thank you for going on the journey of self-discovery with me through The Relevant You and The Five Questions of Perception. If you would like to talk through your discoveries or receive one-on-one coaching to implement your next steps, please drop me a note. I'd love to hear your credo.



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