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Welcome to The 5 Questions of Perception and The Relevant You (Part 1)

Updated: Feb 9

What makes you remarkable and distinguishes you from others?

Why is knowing what you stand for essential for being relevant and standing out?

What is the essential ingredient needed to stir the imagination about the potential of your dreams?

Admittedly these aren't everyday questions. We don’t generally think about qualities that make us interesting or compelling to others. Questioning our relevancy is not something most of us consider before we give voice to our knowledge, experience, observations, or beliefs. It's in our nature to solve problems, make connections, express thoughts, engage in debates, and provide support. We want to share our observations, expertise, creativity, affection, and humor. Expressing our ideas to find connection and commonality with others is what makes us human and creates meaning.

But the notion of relevancy is an increasing topic of interest in our culture of non-stop opinions, news, and promotion. The wonder of the Internet is the infinite options and opportunities to interact with others. You can buy anything and be anyone; you can say anything and make any claim you want. Our world has become a virtual whiteout of rivaling choices and new opinions. The flip side is that: people are drowning in non-stop information, and knowing what option will make a real difference in their lives is often lost to the ceaseless demands for their attention.

With all this distraction and competition to be known, how do you connect in an authentic and meaningful way? How do you stand out and rise above?

Ours is a world where we're encouraged to be and to do our best, but we aren't taught to recognize the best in ourselves. Instead, we receive regular doses of subtle messages that murmur how the anchor of average is what most of us can expect, competition for achieving the success we dream of is becoming more daunting every day. Unless we fit a specific mold determined by unnamed sources, our very relevancy is in question.

Well, I disagree. And I want to tell you a secret that for some might be a tad radical: standing out and rising above is your right. You just need to know-how. And here's another reality check: it's never too late to take full possession of your destiny. That may sound corny, but it's true. Everyone has something to contribute.

Everyone has something pertinent to share, a skill that is needed now by someone else. Everyone has the internal spark to be a difference maker. What’s missing is knowing with certainty what your best is, and then letting your best shine through in everything you say and do.

What exactly is a Difference Maker?

Difference makers recognize the best within themselves and know the value of what they have to offer. They contribute to the greater good by boldly sharing with the world their ideas, gifting, and insights. Through real-world experience, they gather wisdom that is the by-product of endurance, skills that are refined by repeated practice, and the good sense that comes with living an aware life.

I believe that you are a difference maker, and I am here to share with you the formula for giving voice to your best.

The Five Questions of Perception™ is focused on giving you the insights, techniques, and skills necessary for discovering your best. It enables you to make a solid plan to stand out and rise above. And then it teaches you how to tell the story of how you are a difference maker to enable you to soar into success.

People who cannot invent and reinvent themselves must be content with borrowed postures, secondhand ideas, fitting in instead of standing out. - WARREN BENNIS

What is The Relevant You and the Five Questions of Perception?

Before we talk about what it is, let’s talk about what it is not.

  • The Five Questions of Perception is not limited to improving self-awareness for people and teams. Nonetheless, real insights into personal or group dynamics will be made evident by completing these exercises.

  • The Five Questions of Perception is not exclusively a public relations system. However, all PR and any other communication efforts will measurably improve by understanding and implementing the concepts within the guidebook.

  • It’s not restricted to a marketing or branding system. However, any marketing becomes more productive, and your brand becomes more memorable by applying what you learn from The Five Questions of Perception.

  • This is not just a presentation-, interview- or media-training methodology. Nevertheless, you will become highly skilled in all three using the techniques taught in The Five Questions of Perception.

The Five Questions of Perception is a real-world-tested system for giving voice to the best in you and nurturing the most critical asset you have: your reputation as a difference maker. The program was developed over 20 years ago to introduce groundbreaking technologies that are now the backbone of the digital economy and refined through repeated use in transforming ideas, companies, and careers. The Five Questions of Perception is the secret advantage that helped those ideas and people stand out, rise above, and make a difference.

Whether you are in a cycle of reinvention, transformation, or creating something entirely new, identifying your best, and knowing how your best will make a real difference to others cuts through the hype. It quickly gets to the heart of the matter: the positive impact you will have on the lives of others.

The Five Questions of Perception will give you the insights, strategies, and tools needed to clearly and effectively express what you offer and why it is now required. You'll be guided step-by-step through the vital work of:

  • Clarifying your gifting and expertise

  • Identify where you currently have a positive impact

  • Then learning the techniques to easily give voice to your difference maker story

Find out what The Five Questions of Perception will do for you by digging in and uncovering Part Two.

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