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The Key to Real Success? Knowing Yourself. (Welcome, Part 2)

Updated: Feb 9

So, how will the Five Questions of Perception help you get unstuck and moving forward?

In every stage of the guidebook, there are step-by-step instructions and techniques, as well as in-depth guidance, insights, and tips for advancing and making known the tremendous benefits of your experience, ideas, and offerings. This system for defining how you are a difference maker is explicitly designed to help you discover and apply the gifts and expertise you have to gain the success you want.

Every approach is illustrated with both business and personal examples to help you understand and think through how to apply the technique and principles for your own unique situation. You will discover not only what to do, but you will see exactly how others have used the concepts.

The Five Questions of Perception will help you:

  • Launch yourself to success by learning the importance of reputation and relevancy

  • Learn why having a point of difference is vital to be taken seriously

  • Understand how being known as a difference maker gives you a real advantage in everything you do

  • Discover what people need to know about you

  • Overcome the attitude of "obsolete-itis."

  • Discover why your guiding principles are the key to your reputation

  • Understand the risk if you don’t actively build your reputation

  • Capture the imagination of the people most important to you

  • Gain momentum in establishing yourself as someone who makes a difference in everything they do

  • Get clear on how perception determines value

  • Prime people to positively respond to what you offer

  • Learn the questions that will unlock the secrets of what makes you stand out

  • Harness the power of journaling

  • Test what you believe to be true about the value of what you offer

  • Increase the power of the words you use to describe your idea

  • Understand the risk of comparing yourself to others

  • Use your three “brain centers” to validate the core principles of your reputation

  • Take real action to overcome old thought patterns about your value

  • Change perceptions of you from ordinary to unexpected

  • Discover your “why” behind your “what”

  • Use the evidence of your accomplishments to tell a more compelling story of how you are making a difference and the value of your contributions

  • Set goals that will help you achieve the future you want

  • Avoid the anchor of average

  • Overcome your fear of talking to people about your ideas Increase your ability to prompt others to see how you add value

  • Persuade people to want what you have to offer

  • Define yourself as an authentic and high-impact difference maker

Who is The Five Questions of Perception for?

The Five Questions of Perception is for anyone serious about being a difference maker and relentless in their pursuit to recognize their best, stand out, and rise above. It’s for dreamers and achievers.

It’s for inventors and innovators.

It’s for leaders and learners.

It’s for entrepreneurs and hired hands.

It's for those who've toiled long to become an expert, and for those who are just starting.

It’s for those who already have something to say, and for those just discovering their voice.

It’s for those who don’t believe in categories.

It’s for those who believe in pushing boundaries.

It’s for those who want to stand out and rise above.

It’s for idea-shapers and wisdom givers.


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