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The Importance of Having a Meaningful Point of View

Updated: Jan 21

They want to know if you will make a difference to them.

Regardless if it is a large corporation, a health care provider, a tour guide, a product or a service, people want to know how someone or something will make a difference to them. Can you solve their problem or fulfill their need? And this is communicated through a company point of view (POV).

So, what is a company point of view?

In its purest form, a company POV is what you believe to be accurate, and how this belief fuels why you are in business.

  • Why you have the products or services that you do

  • Why you are involved with the issues, the difficulties, the experiences, and the challenges that you are focused on

It is taking a stand, communicating a belief, and then backing it up with action.

Create an authentic point of connection

Having a company POV gives people something to connect you to and plays an essential role in reputation. By telling people what you believe, and how that belief informs and fuels what you do, you are also giving them important information on which to base their perception. And perception, which is the gateway to reputation, drives experience, and experience determines value.

Since people are generally more connected to one another than they are to a particular company, developing a POV is an effective way to create an authentic point of connection. Additionally, a strong company POV is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competition by communicating how you are an informed, progressive, and positive force in your industry.

Stand out from the pack

Companies around the world who stand-out from the pack and are held-up as positive forces are intent on communicating and living out their company’s beliefs and POV. This can be communicated in various ways, through executive speeches, company blogs, internal employee communications, as well as involvement in global movements or community activities. Customers want to know how companies feel about the world around them and how that drives their product or service. When customers can relate to your point of view, they're much more likely to remember and be loyal to your brand.

Unlike mass content creation, POV's are more organic than many rigid content strategies. When done well, a great company POV communicates clearly what you stand for, and how this belief drives your business, regardless of what your business is.

This is by far the most valuable outcome of developing a company POV: allowing customers an inside glimpse to see what makes your company tick. When a company is willing to wear its values on its sleeve, it has a high chance of not only keeping existing customers but also bringing in new customers while making a name for itself in an increasingly competitive and saturated world.

Why is this important? In this day of infinite options, taking a stand and backing it up by making a real difference is the surest way to create and nurture an authentic connection with those who mean the most to you - your customers, clients, investors, partners, and employees. And at the end of the day, that's ultimately why companies are in business to begin with.

Focus your company POV

Do you want to show your customers how you can make a difference for them? Connect with Tracy to learn how to curate and implement your company POV.

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