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The Power of Words: What You Say Matters

Are you curious about the power of words and how to use that strength to transform your reputation? Watch Tracy speak to this and more in the following video. And then read on for how you can turn words into action.

Neurolinguistics is the scientific term for how words are represented in your brain. Your brain doesn’t just recognize a word and comprehends its meaning. Words can cause a neurochemical reaction in your brain, a reaction that can trigger positive and negative emotions within you. The power of words comes less from the speaker’s intention and more from the listener’s chemical and emotional reaction to them.

Speak Positively

The power of words doesn’t just lie within other people’s words. In fact, the most powerful words are the ones we speak about ourselves, to ourselves and to others. When you speak personally positive words, you release stress combating hormones. Certain words and images make you light up and in turn enables you to perceive yourself positively. The converse is also true. Negative words and thoughts become negative perceptions.

The power of your words ultimately becomes your reputation.

How you experience yourself >>> How you speak about yourself to others >>> How they experience you through your words >>> How they perceive you = Your Reputation.

Imagine this conversation.

You to yourself: “I can’t stop thinking about the time my presentation didn’t work in front of my clients. I know they thought I was incompetent. I’m so incompetent I can’t make a slide presentation work.

You to others: “I think I’m good at my job, but I always have some technical error that I can’t work around. I think I regain my composure, but I’m not always sure.”

Others about you: “She appears to know her industry really well but she’s not technically savvy.”

Your reputation: Industry knowledgeable, but a technical neophyte.

Now, imagine this conversation.

You to yourself: “I prepared a really fantastic presentation – strong in content and visuals. And when the projector failed, I just kept going. I trusted my message and myself to deliver without relying on technology.”

You to others: “I am really good at my job. I take pride in my ability to craft my deliverables and even when things happen (because they do), I don’t let that shift my focus. In fact, I enjoy rising to the challenge of unexpected events, even when I’m giving a live presentation.”

Others about you: “She is confident and secure AND she knows her industry.”

Your reputation: A powerhouse, with the experience, confidence, and knowledge to back it up.

Turn Words into Action

Everyone has something inside of them that is valuable. But if you don’t know what makes you remarkable then you are a stranger to your own greatness and you may inevitably keep perpetuating the negative self-talk cycle.

To unleash the power of words and turn those words into action, begin with listing three things that make you remarkable, impactful, and outstanding. Dive into those things and discover how they make you a difference-maker. Study those factors unique to you and cultivate your relationship around them. Create your point of view. Remember that your reputation begins with the words that you speak about yourself.

Successful reputation strategies are founded by people who understand the difference they are going to make and are willing to present a point of view of their own value.

Find the Power in Your Words

What three things make you remarkable? Share your words and this post on social and begin creating a positive narrative of self-talk. Your reputation depends on it.




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